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Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of the Bronx Lebanon Hospital shooting. And, what a heartbreaking reminder that "those taking care of others also need to take care of themselves." As health care practitioners, we all need a supportive community if we are to continue to be the most effective with our patients and clients, whom we have been called to serve. 

SWEET Institute

Thanks to your testimonials, words of wisdom, and encouragement, SWEET Institute was born to lead this movement, and we will not rest until we create a world where our intrinsic nature to serve is nurtured regardless of where we work. 

Our grand opening is coming, and we will soon be hosting our first fundraising project, with the goal of kick-starting our cause. We are going to help provide a supportive community to all health care professionals, starting with social workers, before expanding to all other clinicians, including, and not limiting to, licensed mental health counselors, nurses, psychiatrists, and other physicians. We are going to do so through regular, consistent, and efficient, continuing education, supervision/case consultation, and mentorship/coaching. We also are going to provide infrastructure for self-care and gatherings. You will soon be able to contribute to this movement, for yourself or sponsor a social worker you know!

This fundraising project is scheduled to launch in mid-July. We will be reaching out to you for your contribution and we will also ask you to please reach out to your contacts and urge them to support this cause. Please stay tuned! Thank you for being part of this movement, and kindly see below for some updates on our milestones! 

  • We have been approved to be a CEU provider by the State Education Department; 
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  • Our website is less than 2 weeks away from launching, but you can visit now and start getting involved.
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As always,

Executive Team - SWEET Institute

(Social Work Excellence through Education and Training)