Mardoche Sidor, MD. Psychiatry; LLC (Dr. Sidor Psychiatric Services PLLC) is a private psychiatric practice focusing on transforming the practice of psychiatry through a person-centered model adopting a comprehensive, holistic approach that encompasses the promotion of recovery through empowerment, wellness, prevention and the development of a positive psychology. Its core is to help individuals and their families solve their problems, strive to identify their strengths, overcome their struggles, attain their fullest potentials and cultivate healthy relationships within an environment that is courteous, respectful and compassionate. Its core values are: empowerment; person-centered; and recovery. It also primes itself on being comprehensive and holistic; preventive-based and strength based. Its golden hallmark is dedication, compassion and caring.

The different points that outline the philosophy of his practice are: 

  1. The brain is our most complex organ.
  2. A diagnosis does not define anyone.
  3. Medication is only part of the solution and sometimes it barely is.  
  4. Psychosocial interventions are important and sometimes key components of any improvement process.
  5. Prevention is wiser and less cost-effective than treatment.
  6. Each individual should be understood in his or her own context, background, environment and past experience.
  7. Each individual should be treated by the highest level of dignity and respect when meeting with a mental health professional.
  8. Psychotherapy and/or medications for most individuals should be used only for a distinct period of time.
  9. With the help of a professional, individuals should be given the opportunity to have off trial medications or psychotherapy.
  10. When starting medications or psychotherapy each individual deserves a full explanation of the indication, alternatives, risk/benefit ratio, side effect profile and the risk associated to refusing a specific treatment modality.
  11. Each individual is part of a system and an individual's doctor should strive to understand and be in contact with each individual's system components with the individual's consent.  
  12. People have busy lives and they should not have to spend much time in a waiting area before they can meet with their doctors.
  13. An essential component to self-improvement and self-healing is through a healthy and safe and caring and professional relationship between individuals and their doctors.
  14. Because our past experiences can influence both our present and future, treatment modalities need to be geared towards individual's work on learning from their past.
  15. Individuals have a degree of expertise in their body and health. They deserve a doctor who listens to their perspectives and strives to always find a common ground and balance between individuals' perspectives and best practices.
  16. Evidence based medicine has its limitations and therefore a collaborative and shared-decision based approach works best for each individual.
  17. Treatment plans should always be tailored to each individual and should never be a one size fit all.
  18. Due to the limitations of medications and their side effects medication visits alone are  generally discouraged and should always be accompanied by psychosocial interventions/psychotherapy.
  19. Individuals deserve doctors who are available to assist them during emergency situations, without having to resort to the “nearest emergency department” as the default option.
  20. Individuals should be able to have direct relationships with their doctors as much as possible. 
  21. Individualized time and attention should be provided to each and every person.
  22. Individuals deserve the humane treatment that used to be practiced by doctors centuries and even decades ago before the huge influence of third parties.
  23. Individuals should be able to choose which doctors they want to see.
  24. Most people should not need to stay on medications or remain in therapy forever.